The Pediatric Angel Network, Inc. (PAN) a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity was created to help chronically ill and disabled children live their healthiest life possible by providing them with supplies and resources to meet their basic needs and to provide some relief for the families that are struggling with a hardship in their care. The following stories are from real families in our communities that simply needed a helping hand.  


♥ A single mother opens up her mail and finds another bill from the electric company threatening to shut off her service. She's in arrears, again. She has only four dollars left for the entire week. Her 13 year old son is in the back room...trying to stay alive on his ventilator. The electric bill continues to grow. His monthly medical supplies are depleted. Her 5 year old daughter is hungry. There isn't any food left in the house. Does she buy the supplies for her son or a gallon of milk for her kindergartner so that she doesn't go to school hungry? She'll bargain with the electric company later.


The Pediatric Angel Network (PAN) was able to provide her electric company with a grant to assist in lowering her electric bill. The medical supplies were donated.


♥ Across town, a young couple with two small children is torn over the fact that they can't afford the over the counter cream needed for their disabled daughter's skin. She's fed by a tube in her stomach and the red, sore skin only improves with a cream that insurance doesn't cover... and they can't afford.


PAN secured the over the counter cream (s) for the child and her skin continues to improve with each day.  This family has expressed their gratitude by becoming involved in volunteer work in their community and becoming a support network for other families in need.


♥ A few towns over, a little boy is rushed to the ER with difficulty breathing...a pulmonary disease. His parents have forgotten, temporarily, the mounting bills at home due to his care. They fall further into debt and quietly suffer as they pray and hope their son survives the night.


Sadly, this little boy did not make it home but he will forever touch our lives.  PAN was honored to help this family secure medical supplies through our caring vendors and the volunteers determined to bring them a glimmer of hope during their time in need.


♥  A 7 year old girl in a rural Mississippi town was in need of follow up care for her heart transplant and lymphoma. Her condition was declining. The appropriate health care facility for the child was over 600 miles away in another state. The family frequently had to travel the 600 hundred miles to the Children's Hospital (Center of Excellence) for regular follow up. The local ER (which she was often referred to) was still 100 miles away (!) which would put her at risk due to her suppressed immune system. The family wanted to relocate to an area near the hospital where she received her heart transplant and care for her lymphoma yet their funds were very meager. A caring social worker reached out to PAN.


PAN provided this family with a grant to help rent a trailer to move their belongings to a new residence near the Center of Excellence so that their 7 year old daughter could receive the best, appropriate care for her condition and hopefully improve the quality of all their lives.



These are brief examples of some of the ways the Pediatric Angel Network is able to assist families and children in need. Our charity can only do what it does through the generous spirit of donors and volunteers from our communities. If you are in need of assistance , or know of someone that is, reach out to us.



PAN does not assist with mortgage or rent payments and can not provide income continuation for a parent or guardian due to lost wages because of a child's illness. A referral from the child's pediatrician or social worker is required for consideration.



~ Dare to reach out your hand into darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~ Norman B. Rice .